Vita Lumen is a not for profit organisation devoted to making the world a better place through art. The artist behind Vita Lumen is Connie McKeon.
Connie has been taking photos for a number of years, her camera never leaving her side. Born in Germany, Connie migrated to Australia when she was in her early teens. The fifth born of a large family, Connie McKeon has a unique way of seeing the world. She has triumphed through personal growth, forging her way to become a photographer, humanitarian, and animal lover. It is from her life experiences that she sees the world with an all-seeing, forever inquisitive, thought provoking and compassionate lens.
Connie's sense of compassion and empathy has driven her to reflect greatly on peoples journeys. She’s always had the desire to understand why people feel the way they do/ are the way the are. Whilst she has always been fascinated with humanity, she also has the urge to get away from it and get back to nature. This is where she finds her solace and space, where she can reconnect with her surroundings and find peace and stillness within.
Connie is captivated by her surroundings, often noticing the small details around her, like the beauty of a bird flying past, or the way the light falls over a landscape. She likes to convey a sense of escape within her work, as sometimes the world can be a harsh place, so too can it be good, mysterious, and other-worldly.

Emotions also play a big part in why Connie became a photographer, hoping to give the viewer a sense of belonging through her images. Her work aims to convey a feeling that people can identify with and evoke a particular essence. Creating these glimpses of connection with nature, people, and surroundings is that main goal of her work, and she relishes in hearing what people see and interpret from it.

At Vita Lumen, we believe in helping to create a brighter future for those in need.  Since we began, we have donated our profits to the Smith Family - Australia’s largest children’s charity, helping disadvantaged children get the most out of their education.  This year, we aim to broaden our impact to include other areas of the community that could use a helping hand, with a particular focus on youth mental health.