Welcome to Vita Lumen

I’m Connie McKeon; a West Australian based photographer with a leaning towards landscapes and animals.
My images are captured mainly throughout my daily life, inspired by the surroundings I reside in.
One of my main sources of inspiration comes from a native bird here; the pelican. I find that they can portray a range of emotions which I endeavour to capture through the lens. A beautiful yet quirky bird, the pelican always keep me an interested and often  amused spectator .
To me, the essence of a landscape holds just as much emotion, which once again I try to portray through my images.

Launched in 2014, Vita Lumen is a not-for-profit organisation.  Our name, which means life and light, inspired our mission:  To offer those in need a brighter life.  Since we began, we have proudly donated our profits to the Smith Family, Australia’s largest independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged kids get the most out of their education.  This year, we will broaden our giving to include other worthy recipients who are doing amazing work in areas of great need in the community, such as youth mental health.  


On the first page  you will find an updated selection of current works available .
On the second page you will continue to find works available from the  Rottnest exhibition. All original images can be found in the guest accommodations at Rottnest Discovery.


All the works featured on this site are for sale, with most of our proceeds directly channelled into helping others not as fortunate as us with a helping hand, giving them the best shot at the best life possible.  Simple as that. 

Take a closer look inside, read more about what we do, and peruse our works for sale.  We think you’ll like what you see.