Vita Lumen is a not for profit organisation devoted to making the world a better place through art. The artist behind Vita Lumen is Connie McKeon.

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Vita Lumen

Founded on an altruistic intent to serve charitable organisations and those in need, Vita Lumen was established in 2014 with a mission to support humanitarian and animal aid organisations.

We donate all profits to charities that improve the quality of life and give new opportunities to people disadvantaged by their circumstances, as well as those that protect our natural world.

This is a service we like to deliver on behalf of buyers who feel connected to our art; to give people an avenue to contribute to a cause, in return for bringing a piece of art they love into their own life.

Vita Lumen is more than just the image. Every aspect of our process has ethics behind it, and support for others at its core with carefully selected suppliers, quality handmade products and collaboration with other local Australian artists and creatives.

Every Vita Lumen piece is layered with meaning and deep contribution at all levels.


Connie McKeon

The inspiration and artist behind Vita Lumen is Connie McKeon.

Connie’s photography portrays a love of capturing incidental moments of connection – to life, people and to nature. With her desire to share those glimpses, people are given the opportunity to interpret meaning, through their own emotion.

Connie looks through the lens with a unique perspective, shaped by her love for animals, her stillness in nature and a humanitarian passion influenced by her life experience.

Born in Germany, Connie was the fifth child in her large family which migrated to Australia when she was in her early teens. Life’s ups, downs, hardship, and challenge has given Connie an empathetic perspective.

She has a wonderful appreciation for beauty; to see and wonder within simplicity, as well as a motivation to help others disadvantaged by circumstance, and the balance between these two worlds.

Connie has a great love for the outdoors and travel, her camera by her side. Her subject matter is never contrived, only found, and seen.